Prepros App

Preprocessing, Live Browser Refreshing, Multi Device Testing and Much More.

Prepros is a web design & development tool that does all the heavy lifting needed to preprocess, optimize and test your sites and keeps your workflow supercharged.

Compile Everything

Prepros compiles LESS, Sass, SCSS, Stylus, Jade, Slim, Coffeescript, LiveScript, Haml and Markdown.

JS Concatenation

Prepros minifies and concatenates your js in the real time whenever you change the file.

Image Optimization

Prepros optimizes png and jpg images with one click to make your site faster.

1-Click FTP Deployment PRO

Publish your project with just 1 click via FTP/SFTP. Total control over what you publish.

Remote Device Inspection & Debug PRO

Inspect any remote mobile phone or tablet connected to your LAN with Google Chrome like Weinre inspector.

Shareable Configuration File PRO

Share your project and file settings with different users, team members or computers using prepros.json file.

Multi Device Testing PRO

Test any custom server on any device connected to your LAN. Live refresh also works on all devices even with custom server setup.

Live Browser Refresh

Prepros refreshes the browser in real time. CSS stylesheets are dynamically injected. Prepros Pro also refreshes any file type such as php and normal html & css on any browser without extension.

Built-in http server

Prepros has built in one click static http server to test all your stuff without file url restrictions.

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