Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need sass compass installled on my system ?
No, Prepros already comes with latest version of sass, compass, haml and other preprocessing languages.
I am having performance issues with projects.
Prepros watches all folders even if there are no preprocessable files. Please use filters to ignore them. After adding filters please restart Prepros.
Can I use Prepros Pro on all of my computers.
Single user license means you can use Prepros Pro on all your computers as long as you are the only person using them. Please buy license for each user if you are using Prepros Pro with team.
I ran out of download limit.
Please contact me with the original email you used to purchase. I will lift the limit.
How can I get updates for Prepros Pro ?
You will get an email with download link after the release.
What are the versions of supported languages?
Please open the about box by clicking on the info button at the top right side of the app window to see the versions that Prepros is using.
How to add new project ?
Please click on the plus icon on the bottom left side of the app window or drag and drop a folder to main window, you can also hit CTRL+N to add new project.
How to remove project
Please click on the trash icon on the bottom left side of the app window or hit CTRL+D to remove selected project.
My files are not shown.
After you add new files to your project folder you have to refresh the file list by clicking the refresh icon on the bottom left side of the window. You can also press F5 button on your keyboard.
Some of my files are still missing ?
If a file is @imported by another file the @imported file is not shown in the file list but Prepros watches the @imported file and whenever it is changed the parent files are compiled.
Where my files are saved ?
If you put your scss, less, sass files in their respective folder they will be saved to css folder otherwise they will be saved side by side. If you save coffeescript file in the coffee folder it will be saved to js folder.
How to change default css and javascript folder ?
To change the default output folders you can click the settings icon near the close icon on the upper right side of the window and change the settings.
How to change output path of each file ?
Click on the output file path near the file thumbnail.
How to install browser extension ?
Just click the download extension link to download extension.
Live refresh is not working.
You have to click on the browser icon on the bottom left side of the app window or hit CTRL+L to open live preview using built in server or your custom server.
Sass/Compass error “ You must compile individual stylesheet from the directory ”.
If you are using compass for just css3 and typography stuff you can check the use compass checkbox and leave the full compass support checkbox unchecked but if you are using advanced compass features such as sprites you must check the full compass support checkbox and create new config.rb file and put it in the root of your project directory.
I use custom cms like wordpress, how to live refresh ?
You can change the live refresh url by clicking on the cog icon on the bottom left side of the app window and checking the use custom server option. Note: Don't forget to use http before the url.
How to disable live refresh ?
Click on the cog icon on the bottom left side of the screen and uncheck the live refresh option.
How to manually compile a file ?
Please click compile button on the bottom right side of app window or hit CTRL+C to compile selected file.
How to compile all files in a project ?
Please select a project to compile and then hit CTRL+SHIFT+C.
My issue is not listed ?
Tweet me or if you think it's a bug open an issue on github